Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on Awwwards, anything else, give us a shout at: awwwards[at]awwwards.com.



  • I want to edit my submission / where is my site ?
    In your profile go to “settings” then “submissions” to see the status of your site, if it hasn’t yet been approved you can still edit it, by clicking the “edit“ button, if there is no “edit “button, please email us your changes.
  • My site has been approved but I need to edit it.
    Once the site has been approved you need to send us the changes you want to make (including your username and which site).
  • How can I add credits?
    If you want to add a credit, the person needs to have an account, simply add their username to the credit section of your submission, If the site is already live, email us the username of the person you want to add as a credit.
  • What size images do I need to add to my submission?
    918 x 656 desktop
    420 x 747 mobile
  • How long do I have to win SOTD?
    Each site has 3 months from when it’s approved to win SOTD.
  • Why hasn’t my site won an Honorable Mention?
    Sites which are awarded 6.5 or more from CHIEF, PRO & JURY users will win an Honorable Mention (JURY votes are only visible to winners of Site of the Day).
  • JOBS

  • What visibility will my job advert get?

    Your job advert will appear on our Job Board and will be seen by our large community in the following ways:

    You can also search for candidates here on our Talent Board, and if you haven’t yet - join our Professional Web Design Directory for even better visibility.

  • Where can I edit my job advert?
    Please email us with the changes you want to make to your job advert.

  • I need an invoice / VAT refund

    Go to your profile, “Settings” then "Billing Information" and complete the info, a PDF invoice will be automatically generated for you which you can download from "Purchase History".

    For a VAT refund send us your company name, address, VAT number and the last 4 digits of the credit card used or your paypal email and we'll issue you a refund and a new invoice.


  • How can apply for a Mobile Excellence Award?
    Each site that wins an Honorable Mention will receive a Mobile Report. It will be evaluated using Mobile Guidelines based on Google criteria for mobile websites. Those sites that reach a score of 70/100 or higher will be awarded the Mobile Excellence badge. To become Mobile Site of the Week the site must be one of the highest voted in the last 3 months and also have won an Honorable Mention. It is then highlighted on the Awwwards homepage.