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Talk: How Small Agencies Build Business Relationships, with Locomotive Co-founders Frédéric Marchand & Jean-François Chainé

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Giving honest, grounded business advice direct from their experience running a small design agency, Frédéric Marchand, Locomotive's Co-founder, President and Creative Director, and Jean-François Chainé, Co-founder and Vice-President of Operations share three lessons; how to find clients that fit, how to produce award-winning digital projects with limited resources, and how we can all build lasting groundwork for the future of the design industry.

Fit has three elements: the creative fit - what's the vision of the project does this match our creative style? the human fit - how do you value the relationship how do you protect your team from the crazy clients? and finally the business - fit are we doing it for the money, are we doing it for the visibility, is it for a great cause?

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